Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Complete Super Nintendo Collection

Things have slowed down as I have been busy with Xmas duties.  Will get back in earnest here soon...

Saw this on Headline News.  It's a listing on Ebay for the entire collection of Super Nintendo games ever sold in the US, Mexico and Canada.  The listing even has graded ratings of the condition and contents (manual, etc) for each game. 721 games.  $25,000.  Got get it.


  1. Christmas is long over, back to work.

  2. As much as I agree with you, he is taking a much needed break. He has put a ton of work into the blog. Still a lot of good info to dig through.

  3. Yeah, sometimes you have to spend a bit of time actually trying things, playing new games and finding ones you like.

    He's actually managed to cover a large chunk of the more obscure but worth playing MAME supported titles already and you're always dealing with a small finite pool of things actually worth talking about, especially if you're trying to review things from the perspective of them being games you enjoy (a personal review) rather than on technical merits etc.

    Too many reviews out there today will say a game is good because it ticks various boxes and is from a big name publisher rather than actually giving an honest opinion based on experience. The posts already here are a valuable resource because they're more opinion pieces based on actually playing the games, that's what makes MZ a valuable resource and I'd hate to see him covering some games just for the sake of it.

  4. Wanted you to know that I check this site still daily. Of course I hope that your X-mas was full of joy and much needed relaxation, but I'm pining for your frequent (and fun to read) updates on mame's obscurities.

    When you are ready, I'll be here.

  5. I appreciate the nice comments. I'll be back. Not exactly sooner. Not exactly later. Been doing other things - a lot of pinball. Just haven't spent the time reviewing additional GOTDs. Although I do have a long list of games already to make GOTDs when I'm ready to start writing.

  6. Yes, looking forward to your return! Miss your reviews!!