Monday, November 26, 2012

GOTD Charts

Had a commenter point out that there is a serious lack of Games of the Day on my blog from 1990.  Since I find games mostly randomly (they are organized alphabetically, but I jump around) it would seem that the years should all be proportionately represented.  Thus, it seems that for whaterver reason, 1990 was a particularly slow year for good games.  Of course, these are only my GOTD games and that means that none of these were very popular. And certainly, the years before 1983 had many games that are famous and therefore will never become my Games of the Day, so those years are underrepresented - but that doesn't really apply to 1990.  It just seems that it was an off year for some reason.

So, here is the chart of GOTDs on my blog by year, and just for good measure, another chart of GOTDs by company...

 In the chart below, the first number after the company name is the number of GOTDs for that company and the second number is the percentage of all the GOTDs that that represents.  So for Sega, there have been 21 GOTDs which is approximately 8% of the total.


  1. Searched for a few that may have potential as GOTD's from 1990 although some may be too popular or already on the list. Blue's Journey, Mystic Warriors, Nemo, Rod-Land, Mercs, and Growl I believe were all 1990.

  2. That looks like it would sum up to over 250%...

  3. You are misunderstanding the chart. The first number is the actual count of games. The second number is the percentage. So, for Taito, there have been 23 GOTDs which is 8% of the total. NOT 23.8%.