Friday, November 16, 2012

Game of the Day - Toggle

Another game that ended its life in the prototype stage, Toggle is a quick, down & dirty maze battle game you can play for some quick fun.

There are two tanks - red & yellow.  You choose one and set out onto the battlefield in order to change all the tiles to your color.  If the tiles are neutral and your drive over them, they change to your color.  If they are your opponent's color and you drive over them, they change back to neutral.  There is a running count at the top that shows how many tiles you and your opponent have captured.  The rounds are timed.  At the end of the round, the one with the most tiles their color wins the round.

You play three rounds and the game shows you the final results of round winners and total points.

I haven't played a lot and I can't find any detailed info on the web so I don't know all the rules, but here's what I do know... Each of the three rounds has a different map.  Round 1 is wide open.  Round 2 seems to be random and different every time. Round 3 has holes in the maze that you fall through. This costs you valuable time before you are resurrected while your opponent changes lots of tiles in the meantime.

The other thing that costs you time is being shot, that's right shot, by your opponent.  Each tank has a gun mounted on it that shoots bullets in two opposite directions when you push the button.  If you hit your opponent, they are sent reeling around the battlefield - out of control for a few seconds - incapable of changing any tiles.  The weird/cool thing is that the guns are mounted and fixed and that the red tank ALWAYS shoots up and down the battlefield while the yellow tank ALWAYS shoots left & right (you can choose to play either tank).  So maneuvering to the right place to get your shot in quickly matters a lot.

There are many special tiles and I don't know what they all do. There are tiles that speed you up, tiles that turn whole rows or columns at once, tiles marked "1" and "2" that you have to change to your color and if you do it apparently flips all tiles to your color in between them (or something like that).  Then there's the BIGGIE.  The Toggle All tile.  It is a flashing red/yellow tile that if either tank runs over it changes ALL the tiles on the board to the opposite color.  So, in fact, you are never out of it as long as this tile is out there floating around.  All these special tiles add to the strategy, but they can be a little difficult to get as the tanks go so fast around the battlefield, they can be hard to control and steer to a particular tile.

Control issues aside, Toggle is a very quick shot of adrenaline and a good game for parties as it is easy to learn.  I would have like to have seen it developed further into many more levels and mazes and multi-player competitions.

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