Sunday, November 4, 2012

Game of the Day - Princess Clara Daisakusen

Some of the best animation you've seen in an arcade game.  PCD is an isometric cutesy shooter with eye-candy up the butt.  And tons of playability also.

You choose a character (one of three - two girls or a dog) and start your travels.  There are three buttons to use in a variety of ways.  Button one if your main weapon.  It fires something different based on your character.  You can shoot in any of the eight joystick directions (like any omni shooter), and it also has the common feature that if you hold down the button, you lock the direction you are shooting so you can move around without changing your firing angle.  Button two is a bigger, close-range weapon (sledgehammer, giant dog paw).  Button three is tantamount to a bomb and is dependent on the non-player character you currently have accompanying you (sometimes an egg, fairy, etc).

There are other things to know about the controls... For instance, if you push the first two buttons together, you execute a quick escape roll. Also, your number of bombs is limited. There is a gauge at the upper left of the screen.  The top shows the number of bombs you have left.  The gauge itself shows a meter that you have to fill up to earn more bombs.

The way you fill up the meter is cool.  Most every enemy you kill turns into some sort of cute animal (baby ducks, penguins, cats, raccoons, squirrels, and many, MANY more).  Then you collect the little animals to add to your bomb gauge (it's not as sick as it sounds).

The star of the show here is the art.  The graphics/animations are awesome.  The isometric viewpoint lends itself well for sharp 2.5D monsters, animations, animals and transformations.  Transformations come in the form of power-ups where your character changes into a bigger, older, more powerful version of yourself (call it the meth-amphetamine power-up).

There's a lot to discover here and it's all enjoyable while you do so.  And on a side note, yes, if you follow the blog closely, the game bears a strong resemblance to the previous GOTD Marchen Maze.

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