Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Game of the Day - Magical Crystals

Magical Crystals is a 2.5D top-down maze/adventure shooter with lots of charm.  The graphics are fun and nice, and the imagination in the game runs wild.

You are some sort of little wizard dude.  You are adventuring around a track/maze apparently floating in space.  You have to collect (rescue) little crystals that turn into pixies and follow you till the end of each level.  If you die, you lose your current complement of pixies, so getting to the end intact means you rescue more pixies.  And you get bonuses proportional to your success.

Along with the joystick, there are two buttons: fire and jump. The jump comes in a lot as the game plays like a vertical platformer.  In addition to the first button being normal fire, you can hold it down for a charged shot - in fact, if you don't hold it down long enough for the fully charged shot, there are nice partially charged shots also.  There are also power-ups that make your normal shots, bigger, wider, more plentiful and more powerful.

Since you are floating in space, you can fall off the maze.  I died a lot this way.  You need to jump across tons of space/chasms.  Also, sometimes you are going too fast and run off the edge... what's cool is that if you do, you hang on and struggle for a second, giving you a chance to hit the first button (NOT jump) and climb back up onto the platform.

By far the funnest part of the game is the imagination in the gameplay.  You shoot enemies of all types with all kinds of behaviors (they split apart and re-attack, blow up, take many hits, etc).  Also, the maze itself goes crazy.  There are tiles that once you step on them, they disappear for a while - leaving a hole you can fall thru. However, wait a while and some of the tiles reappear.  There are lots of moving platforms and puzzle type gates and doors.  And of course, at the end of each level is some super boss that takes a million hits and splits into many different types of entities.

Strangely, there are even bonus levels that are mini-games, different than the normal gameplay.  The first of which is a Tug of War that relies on how fast you can push the button, Track & Field style.

Scoring is good too.  It has many factors including the end of stage bonuses based on rescues, time remaining and shot accuracy.

Another game that I had never heard of and seems very obscure, it's hard too not enjoy Magical Crystals.

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