Sunday, November 25, 2012

Game of the Day - KiKi KaiKai

Another one for the Best Names Hall of Fame.  Kiki is a Japanese omni shooter where most of the enemies are ghosts, apparitions and anything else the Ghostbusters might have fought (Who ya gonna call?).

The controls are simple and a little like some modern vert shooters.  You have two buttons along with the joystick, they are long range attack and melee attack.   The two diff attacks dispose of the enemies in different ways and both come in handy depending on the situation and enemy.

You wander the countryside shooting fun ghosts of all types.  Also skeletons, girl-headed snakes and creepy stuff galore.  Some enemies fly straight and are easy to kill, some jitter around like they are on meth and take several hits to vanquish.  The beautiful part is that the game doesn't always play the same way.  In general, the same enemies are in the same place, put some come sooner or later based on your progress (or lack thereof).

There are power-ups and bonus items.  The way you get most of them is by using your melee attack on what looks to be glowing computer terminals (???).  Anyway, hit these and they will stop glowing and SOME of them will release items to collect.

There are bosses at the end of the levels, they can be messy, but aren't as difficult as bosses in other shooting games.

The graphics are typical of this age and serve mostly as cutesy and fun - it's the running around like a kook and firing at everything that moves that makes the game fun.

One additional little token...  This game has a feature I have never seen in another video game BUT IS in almost every pinball machine.  The match feature.  At the end of the game, a "random" 3 digits appear on the screen - if they happen to match the last 3 digits of your score, you win a free game.  Cool.

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  1. Looks like the arcade beginnings of Pocky and Rocky. Will definitely hive this one a try.