Saturday, November 17, 2012

Game of the Day - Avengers in Galactic Storm

Nice name.  I don't make a lot of fighting games Games of the Day.  The reason is really two-fold.  First, most of the good games are too widely known for me to make them GOTDs.  The other reason is that while I really like fighting games, I am not an expert at them and therefore am underqualified in reviewing the depth of the moves and other aspects.

I'm making an exception for Avengers (as I have a few others) because I enjoy it somewhat more than other run-of-the-mill VS. fighters and the control scheme is straight forward enough so that idiots like me can effect special moves and controlled fighting (not just button mashing).

The other main reason I really love the game is the graphics and their proportion. The fighters in Avengers are bigger and take up more space relative to the screen than most other fighters.  This bigness adds to the impact of the fighting and the illusion of control.  Capt America, Iron Man and others stand tall, fight strong and readily convey the impact of your attacks.
The game plays like most in the genre.  You choose your character.  You choose a story or a VS mode.  You have a health bar, a power bar (for desperation moves) and a companion bar.  A full companion bar allows you to call in a strike from your pre-selected partner.  There are four buttons to contend with, two for punch and two for kick.  And, of course, there are many combos of joystick moves and buttons to initiate combos and special moves.

As I said, there isn't a lot different here than others in the genre, but the nice, BIG look, and the nice control scheme (simple YET lots of combos and things to figure out) make this one of my favorite fighters.

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