Thursday, October 25, 2012

Game of the Day - Vandyke

Vandyke (not to be confused with Dick Van Dyke) is a combo Omni/Vert Shooter with a Conan the Barbarian type feel.  You are a beefed-up loin-clothed dude loaded with weapons, killing everything in sight while you travel on foot thru a medieval/kooky landscape.

Your first weapon is unexciting.  A sword.  You just stand in front of your enemies and whack them a couple of times and poof!  Soon, you get a chain/cat-o-nine-tails like the one the beast uses in Ghost Rider (without the fire).  Also available on the first level are little cannonballs that you throw.  Each weapon acts differently and has diff range and strength.  IMHO, the game gets better as soon as you lose the sword.

On top of sporting nice weaponage, you can also jump. You jump to get on platforms. You can jump on an enemy's head and kill them.  You need to jump over impediments and things like rolling logs.  It's almost like a vert scrolling platform game.

You also collect things along the way.  Little biceps/arms make you stronger.  Food increases your health.  There are power-ups that kill everything on the screen when you collect them.  You get the idea.

At the end of each stage, there is a tough boss.  They are particularly whacky.  Indian Gods, Dudes who crap snakes, all kinds of evil.  The pics here are from the first stage, but there is copious variety in level design and enemies as you continue forward.

Keep in mind that while the game starts out pretty easy, it becomes tougher quickly - especially when the enemies start throwing and shooting ranged weapons at you.  Then you have to look out for crap flying around, and not just the dudes themselves.

Fun sound and nice graphics add to the package which in the end is a nice vert scrolling hack and slash platform thingamabob.  Go enjoy.

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