Thursday, October 18, 2012

Game of the Day - Ultraman Club

Today's GOTD is a pleasant little maze shooter with some fun graphics and a few laughs.  In Ultraman Club (based, of course, on the wildly popular Ultraman series) you run around a fairly open maze, shooting your enemies that are generally cartoon versions of all the wild monsters Ultraman has ever fought and more.

You play the game with the joystick and two buttons.  The first button fires your normal weapon and the second fires your suped-up special weapon.  These weapon are slightly different for each of the gazillions! of avatars you can choose from to start the game.  The super weapon can only be fired when the power gauge at the bottom left of the screen is at least half full.  Fire it, and you destroy everything in its path, but you lose the equivalent of half a power gauge.  Thus, if you have a full power gauge, you can shoot your special weapon twice before your power is empty.  Luckily, you are always replenishing your power.

When you shoot an enemy, you either kill him, or stun him - many enemies take multiple hits to kill - either way, they release a gaggle of goodies that any pinata would be jealous of.  I have almost ZERO idea what any of these things are!  They are cute little cartoon thingies, and I'm sure I'm supposed to be able to tell, but I can't.  Fortunately, the "P"s are obvious, and they are the main thing they replenish your power for your special weapon. Other things also replenish your power (you can figure it out) or add to your health (hearts), but most items are just bonuses that add to your score.  They are wildly varying, so you need to quickly learn which are worth the most because if you don't pick them up in a hurry, they just disappear.

Every 5 stages or so, there is a boss (check out the pic) who takes a while to conquer. Luckily, when you hit him with your regular shot, he releases goodies including "P"s, thus enabling you to power up your super weapon to finish him off.
There are other strategic touches...  When you hit an enemy, they are stunned for a second, but you can't hit them again until they come out of their stunned state - so you have to risk standing around to blast him again, or leave the next shot for later.  Also, as you can imagine, the stages get crazier as you go on.  There are enemies everywhere and they shoot bullets, breathe fire, and do anything else they can to try to take you down.

The action isn't completely crazy and the cartoonish graphics definitely give the game a light feel - so overall the game doesn't have the intensity of some of the previous GOTDs.  That being said, something about Ultraman Club keeps you coming back for more.

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