Thursday, October 4, 2012

Game of the Day - It's two! Battle Garegga & Battle Bakraid

There are many similarities between the modern vert shooters Battle(s) Bakraid & Garegga.  So many that I'm posting them as one Game of the Day.

From the shmup machine that is 8ing/Raizing, (check out the other GOTDs from them here), they are both polished, typically good examples of late 90s shooters.

In both cases, you get to choose your ship/plane up front, and you can also choose your skill level and/or stage sequence.  I like when games let you rearrange and customize the game up front as it makes for more replayability.

You have the joystick and three buttons: fire, bomb, arrange satellite.  So, in both cases, when you have ancillary craft/pods near or attached to your ship, button C will move it around you to change where it is aiming.

Both games place a premium on collecting all the flotsam and jetsam that abounds.  The way you collect more bombs is by collecting the little bomb icons.  They pile up on the bottom left of your screen.  As soon as you have ANY, you can use the bomb, but the cool thing is that the more little icons you have collected, the stronger your bomb is.  Nice touch.  There are also power-ups and changes for your main weapon as well as a separate set for adding the auxiliary satellites/pods and what they fire.  Finally, on top of the bombs, main weapon icons & satellite icons, the fourth type of thing to grab gives you bonus points galore.

As you can sense, being a modern shmup with all kinds of things to grift, and tons of enemy fire, you are extremely busy all the time.  Thus, it can be a little hard to enjoy the very nice graphics.  I like the graphics in Battle Garegga a little bit better, they have a little more of a steampunk look and there is more moving in the fore & background.  Also, I like the ships/planes better.

Connoisseurs of shmups will no doubt notice many more differences between the two games than I do, I'm more of a smash & grab player.  They look similar, have similar options, similar controls and similar names - most of all, they play similarly although I found Garegga to be a little harder.  Finally, they even seem to be downloaded similarly as the snapshot I took of a rom download site a while ago had them ranked at 237 (Battle Garegga) and 242 (Battle Bakraid) for frequency of being downloaded.

Play either one or play both, you can't go wrong.

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  1. Two great shmups, shame Bakraid never got a home port (Garegga is one of the more expensive Saturn shmups).

    If you're going to play Garegga, then choose the 'Type 2' version, as it has clearer enemy bullets than the original.