Sunday, October 14, 2012

Game of the Day - Go Go Mile Smile

Yes, it has a ridiculous name, and yes, it's got some cutesy graphics, but GGMS is a really fun game with some interesting play mechanics different than most games you've played.....UNLESS you've played Anteater.  GGMS is a maze/acquisition game that clearly springs from the same theory as Anteater, where you venture into the maze and extend yourself while being anchored along the perimeter.  If you haven't played Anteater, try to imagine Pac-Man crossed with Qix.  Pac-Man because you collect stuff in a maze and Qix because you are safe around the perimeter and only at risk when inside.  Also like Qix in that the more you grab at once, the bigger the payoff.

You (a little chick in an egg) can move unthreatened anywhere along a safe area along the perimeter of the maze.  Then you use the four-way joystick to push yourself into the maze to start to collect all the treasures/(pills?).  As you venture in, your body extends - snakelike - while staying anchored to your point of origin.  So you get longer and longer, exposing more of your body to the bad guys roaming the maze trying to kill you.  In fact, you can extend yourself around the maze so much that you actually run into your own body and have to back out (dump truck style "beep-beep-beep...").  Once you use the joystick to retreat all the way back to the safe zone, you are again untouchable until you go back into the maze. You can move around the perimeter of the safe zone and enter somewhere else, or simply go right back in where you are.

There are two ways to retreat, simply move the joystick back along your trail in the reverse direction (back out) or use the only button in the game... Pushing the button zaps you back partially (about half of your length disappears) - it is a good way to retreat quickly when threatened by an approaching enemy.

There are a few interesting scoring options.  First, you get bonuses for completing the maze and for how fast you did it.  More important to your strategy, each treasure/pill you collect (think "dots" in Pac-Man) is worth progressively more during a single trip into the maze.  For example, the first is worth 20 pts, the next 40, 60, 80, etc.  This can become very lucrative on a long venture into the maze.  Of course if you are scared or threatened and need to boogie back to safety, the scoring resets for your next entry into the maze.  Thus, the longer you stay in the maze each time, the more points you are going to rack up, but the more risk you have of being smoked.

There are other bonuses and power-ups.  Some treasures add to your remaining time, some freeze the enemies for a while, etc.

What's cool is the variety in the mazes.  Where the treasures/pills are and how the maze is shaped and (most importantly) where you can enter from the safety zone vary greatly and add a ton to the strategy of the game.  Some things are just much further away from where you can enter the maze than others.  There are several levels in each "world".  And when you change worlds, sometimes the graphics look so different that it can be hard to quickly ascertain what is the maze and what is the decoration.

The colors are bold and crazy and the goofy graphics are fun (even if they are a little childish).

It's a great game for some thought and a change of pace.  Go crank it up.

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  1. Wow... thanks for your post about this game. It's a lot of fun! Never would have discovered it with your direction.