Saturday, October 20, 2012

Game of the Day - The Crystal of Kings

The Crystal of Kings (CoK) is a modern sword-wielding beat-'em-up with eye popping graphics.  Made in 2001, it has the modern look you would expect in this kind of game and couples it with some very good fighting action.

You choose from four characters (each with diff strengths) and you are off to fight the hordes/minions.  One character actually rides a large armadillo looking thing as his normal mode.  The other characters all motor under the power of their own two legs.

Along with the joystick you have 3 buttons, attack, jump and magic.  The magic is supplemented by the potions and spells you collect throughout the game - use it sparingly as it is not always plentiful. The attacks in the game are fun because you can create different attacks and combos based on how many times you push the button, using attack in combo with jump, your proximity to the enemy and your abuse of the joystick.  Thus, it's not always the same sword thrust.

CoK looks great.  The reflections and lighting and shadows add a lot.  But moreover, the artists added imagination to the advanced tools they had and created all sorts of cool enemies to kill and innocent beings to protect (don't kill the cute little deer!).  Killing the innocent folks running around (go ahead, they aren't as cute as the deer), makes for some funny outcomes also.

There is magic - you simply deploy a spell with the third button (it's relative to which character you are), but there are also quasi-power-ups.  During the game, you come across little caged pixies./faeries that you can rescue/release.  When you do so, they fly with you and strengthen your attack, health or magic.  Nice.

Finally, the world is yours to thoroughly interact with.  You can cut down the plants/grass.  You can knock over the fire/lanterns/torches - yet then they might burn you... you get the picture, lots of stuff to do.

The sum total is a very fun game that you'd expect much more from a console than an arcade. So go cut some heads off of some undead, crazy things and get the damn crystals.

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  1. Wow, it looks like Golden Axe with the benefit of more CPU power. Interesting, I'll have to try it. Thanks, Zach!