Monday, October 22, 2012

Game of the Day - Blood Bros.

Blood Bros is a stationary screen shooter like Rambo 3, Cabal or Nam-1975 (although some of these games scroll slowly to the right to reveal new enemies, Blood Bros stays stationary until you clear the level).
You are in the foreground, running back and forth like an idiot and you shoot at things in varying distances of the background by aiming a cross-hair with your joystick and firing with button one.  There are two other buttons, also.  Roll/evade and dynamite.  Roll simply rolls you in the direction you are moving as quick escape from incoming fire.  Dynamite is this game's version of a bomb, it is finite but you can always collect more.

When you shoot things, many of them turn into items or power-ups.  In addition to the aforementioned dynamite, you can also collect bigger guns and bonuses, too.  The bigger guns stay with you for a fixed number of shots and then your revert back to your normal gun.  Keep in mind, that when you shoot things and they release this stuff, it falls down the screen to your level, but you have to go run it down to actually collect the item.

Another little detail about the gameplay is that the joystick controls both your running left and right across the screen AND the aiming of your cross-hair.  As such, the two are tied to each other.  So, if you are running to avoid incoming fire, the cross-hair is moving also and thus hard to aim... Conversely, if you are aiming the cross-hair, you have to watch out where you are moving on the bottom to make sure you aren't walking into enemy fire.

The graphics are fun, and cute/cartoony in an old west style.  Horses buck, girls skirts fly up, etc...

Mostly, it's just a fun exercise in blasting everything in sight, Billy the Kid style.  As far as difficulty goes, there is none - for the first few levels.  There is a very forgiving learning curve.  However, once the second set of stages kicks in, there are trains and dudes and evil everywhere, so shoot well or high-tail it out of town.


  1. This is a great game, a nice continuation of cabal.

  2. Love this sub genre. Great games like
    -Hard Times
    -Aligator Hunt
    -NAM 1975

    Check these awesome games out.