Friday, October 12, 2012

Game of the Day - Age of Heroes

Age of Heroes (Legend of Silkroad 2) is a modern take on the adventure/beat-'em-up with lots of fighting moves and lots of magic.

What first strikes you about the game is the graphics.  They are unusual.  They are certainly modern, but the animated parts don't seem to blend seamlessly with the background, giving it almost a superimposed effect.  They are fun, and cool-looking, but they look a little like they could use some photoshop tweaking.  Actually, they remind me of the graphics is Sol Divide.

You choose your character and start slashing your way thru the enemy.  You collect tons of items along the way including those that add to your health, add to your magic and add to your collection of rings.  There are four buttons at work here, attack, jump, change/select item/magic, and use item/magic.

So, there is only one attack button, but like many modern fighting games, the joystick used in conjunction with the attack button, and your proximity to the enemy makes for many moves and combos.  There are jumping attacks also.

The magic is very cool in the game.  Press the third button and all your spells or items appear in a circle over your head.  Each time you push the button, it rotates one to the next item.  Then, press the fourth button and use the item (cast the spell).  The spells are powerful and plentiful (better known as the two p-fuls).  There are many kinds of items including one that sends you into a netherworld like an elevator and you use the joystick to choose where you get out (and what level you tackle next).

All kinds of fun things come alive and take varying degrees of attacks to kill.  Each enemy also has his own health bar.  I like when games have this feature, although I recognize that it's a little bit cheating when you know how much more your enemy can take,  Imagine if Ali had a health bar over his head when he fought Frazier...

When you finish a level, you get bonuses of many types based on your prowess.  Then you also get the choice to buy items to add to your abilities (spells and armaments). Another cool feature is that at some levels, you get the option to select a different character, as new ones are revealed throughout the game.

It all adds up to a nice, well-rounded fighting and magic adventure that should keep you entertained for a while.

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  1. How do you do the special moves for this game, along with The Legend Of Silk Road? Hope you can help, and thanks in advance!