Friday, October 26, 2012

Download my Uber GOTD Spreadsheet

Lots of dudes have asked for a centralized place with all the GOTD info.  I keep a spreadsheet of all 900+ games that are my favorites in MAME.  I chopped it down to the GOTDs (about 275) and prettied it up.  I put it on my dedicated website so you can download it (or just open it online).  It's an Excel spreadsheet that for each game indicates game type, control type, ratings, Hall of Fame and Best of Genre memberships, etc.  It also has a clickable link to the GOTD post on my blog for each game so you can read more about it.  It looks better in Excel than the pics below, I had to do a couple of weird screen grabs to give you an idea.  All 275 or so GOTDs are in there.

Click here to download (or open) the spreadsheet.

 Partial screen-grab 1


Partial screen-grab 2


  1. Could you please explain the abbreviations like tb, dj, and os? In the danger of being a total noob and banging my head on the table when I read it I'm asking here...

  2. Thanks for pointing out my omission. There is now an updated version with notes and definitions at the same link.