Monday, October 8, 2012

Best of the GOTDs - Platformers

Okay, so they aren't all really platformers.  This is a nebulous category with side-scrolling beat--em-up, shoot-em-up, jump-on-their-heads and climb, run, jump, duck, crouch your ass off to stay alive.  Basically, and side-scroller that isn't a horizontal shooter (i.e. NOT Gradius and R-Type).  So, here they are, the best games from this genre that have previously been Games of the Day...

1.  Biomechanical Toy
Unbelievably great game, James Dean meets Alice in Wonderland
2.  Black Tiger
Medieval Conan-ish side-scrolling fun
3.  Osman
Great graphics and rich colors make for a fun ninja-esque romp.
4.  Ganryu
From 1999, a newer Ninja beat-'em & jump-it.
5.  Charlie Ninja
Rich, cartoony, Old-West graphics with lots of humor and imagination.
6.  Chelnov: Atomic Runner
Run & jump your way out of a bad situation.  Simple and compelling.
7.  Armored Warriors
Exceptionally cool Mech beat-'em-up with tons of add-on weapons.
8.  Thunder Hoop
You are a goofy slacker trying to make your way through a factory of doom.
9.  Magic Sword
Traditional sword fighting side-scroller - highly polished in all aspects.

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  1. Great list, I haven't played all of them. I will have to try them out.