Monday, September 10, 2012

Game of the Day - Last Mission

I'm a cheater.  I tried to get past the first boss in Last Mission at least 4 times.  I couldn't do it.  I had to change the dipswitch settings to get past the first level and see a little more of the game for this post.

Let me back up and start over... Last Mission is a shooter that can be described as Time Pilot on crack.  You fly your ship in any direction (8-way joystick) shooting all the enemies down, but there are many details in the game.

Besides the joystick, you have 3 buttons: Fire, Bomb and Change Weapon.  You have any array of 4 weapons and use the button to shuttle between them a la Gradius.  Of course you have to earn all the extra weapons by collecting power-ups.  Power-ups become available after you shoot the bigger/mothership-esque enemies.  What's cool is that you can see where they are to go hunt them.  There is a map/grid on the bottom right corner of the screen.  It breaks down the screen into 16 grids and indicates with a number how many big-ass ships there are in that area.  Destroy them and then collect the power-up they crap out.  The weapons vary a little, but are not so different in their overall effectiveness.  Also, when you get a power-up weapon, you immediately switch to using that one and a bar graph/wick appears showing you how many more shots you have with that weapon before it disappears.  Cool. And don't forget about your bombs (button 2), you have three to start and they blast everything on the screen.

The other interesting aspect of the game is the enemy kill counter on the bottom left.  It's actually a bar graph made out of stars.  As you kill the enemies, the stars fill up.  Then, when you have filled all the stars, the boss for the level comes out.  Kill him and go to the next level.  If you get all the way to the boss but die, then when you are reincarnated, you have to kill some more enemies before the boss reappears - by filling up a shorter version of the star bar graph (have mercy).

It's fun and tough, just how you'd want it to be.  The graphics are simply mediocre (1986) and there isn't a lot of difference between levels, but Last Mission will keep you entertained with 360 degrees of action and many details to steal your attention.

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