Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Game of the Day - Four Great Games Except... The Sequel!

Alternate post title - Four great but fucked-up games - Part Deux!

A while ago, I wrote a GOTD post that contained four games that despite being great, don't emulate perfectly in MAME (click here to see that post).  However, they were so much fun anyway, that despite their tech issues (sound, freezing, etc), I thought they should be known.  Now, here's a second set...

1.  Galaxy Gunners
GG is a great quasi-old-school vert shooter, but no matter what I do with the settings and dip-switches, I can't get the game to give me more than one life.  It still plays great, it's just hard to get very far (This issue may just be my stupidity, stay tuned).

(Update! - I was not playing the most recent version of MAME and it turns out that GG was fixed by version 0.146U4 as seen in the comments below.  Thanks to the commenter - next time don't be so anonymous)

2.  Vimana
Nice modern vert shooter with no sound in MAME.

3.  Gun Master
Very interesting playing gun/fighting game - plays great until it eventually goes haywire.

4.  Virtua Fighter Kids
Kids beating each other up, what's not to like? Again though... no sound.


  1. Galaxy Gunners was broken in 0.126u5
    actually *reported* as broken in 0.146u3
    and fixed in 0.146u4

    so it was broken for a long time, but it's fixed now.

  2. Thanks, I have added a note above indicating that it is fixed.

  3. Hey, isn't Vimana on both lists?

  4. Yeah, nice catch. Saw that after I posted it but it wasn't worth changing it since not everyone looks at both posts. Clearly, not only are the games fucked up, but so is the blogger! Next time I should recheck what's on the previous lists.