Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dual Joystick Celebration

Friend of the blog and fellow MAMEr Harveybirdman has pointed out that there was no convenient way to locate all of the GOTDs that use dual joysticks for controls.  Considering how much I love DJ games, that's an embarrassment to me and the whole MAME world!  As such, I have now tagged all the GOTDs with the keyword "Dual Joystick" where appropriate.  I have also changed the setup of the keyword section in the lower part of the right column.  It is now all alpha with the size of the font relative to how often the keywords are used.  It's messy and not entirely effective, but I still like having it there for you to browse.  Keep in mind that each post also has its own keywords at the bottom that you can click on to explore.  So, without further ado...

Of course, in the future you can now just click on "Dual Joystick" in the keyword listing in the right column.

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  1. Great blog Zach. I pretty much check back every day to see what is new. I have a MAME (and console) standup machine with something like 6000 MAME games, and I use your blog to find new games rather than go through them myself. I never would have tried Boogie Wings (or Total Carnage in the Dual Category) without your blog. Keep up the great work!