Sunday, September 9, 2012

Best of the GOTD - Puzzlers

In honor of the most recent GOTD being Ixion, these are my favorite puzzle games that have already appeared as Games of the Day.  They are all innovative and fun (nice going unnamed programmers of the world)!  This is a broad category, some of these games are more action-oriented and some require more brains (uh-oh).  Keep in mind, only games that have already been GOTDs appear on this list.
It's Tetris masquerading as a shooter
2. Klax
Collect approaching blocks in a myriad of ways
3. Aqua Rush
Upside-down watery Tetrisy fun
4. Phozon
Mega-nerd alert, use joystick to build molecules
5. Motos
Bang into crap and knock it off in a bug-mech-based demo derby
6. Reactor
Use the trackball to smash little sparks into the barbifried wall
7. Loco-Motion
Rearrange the track to keep the train moving
8. Ixion
Maze Shooter with spinner controlled firing

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  1. Found some awesome non-popular games from this list! Also try Twinkle Star Sprites - never played anything like it.