Monday, August 20, 2012

Game of the Day - Cube Quest

LaserDisc lovers unite!  Cube Quest is an ancient LD game that is a better experience than it is a game, but one you have to try out.

It is an almost-3D space shooter, that plays a little like Gyruss or Tempest in that the enemy ships kind of come at you on a track from the middle.  But mostly, it's just a 3rd person space shooter where you blast all the enemy ships in quasi-glorious vector looking polygon graphics projected against freaky LD backgrounds.  You use the trackball (or joystick in MAME) to control your ship and move all around as you fly thru wave after wave of enemies down unbelievably colorful and rich corridors of LaserDisc worlds.  This is what the game is about, the crazy graphically supercharged corridors of the cube that you fly through while trying to avoid being mesmerized by them.

You start the game by looking at your ship on the edge of a vector-graphic-ed cube.  You select which of the verticies to fly to/attack.  Your ultimate goal is to chase down the treasure on the far side of the cube.  Each time you choose the next point, you then start flying down a gorgeous corridor, shooting everything in sight.  Most ships in any given corridor are the same, but there are some bonus items to get.  When you complete a corridor (wave), you then have your cannons shut off and are required to fly thru an obstacle course to get back to the cube.  The 3D of the obstacle course is interesting and makes it a little hard to accomplish.

So then, you are back at the outside of the cube, choose your next vertex and fly down some new psychedelic corridor.

The sound is minimal (however, there is a nice Star Trek type hum) and the game play can be a little tough to see because the vectorish graphics are so small and distant looking.  However, it's certainly a fun game and unique in its play, look and feel.

Crank it up and don't let the 3D and backgrounds give you "Ecco the Dolphin Syndrome" - but don't worry, I didn't, and I'm the king of it.

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