Monday, August 27, 2012

Game of the Day - Battlantis

Okay, so it's just a new twist on Space Invaders.  Yet somehow, I found it very compelling.  Battlantis is mostly just Space Invaders with updated graphics that depict you defending your medieval castle.

Invaders of all types scroll across and down in that famous SI way and you have to blast them before they get there.  Of course, there are some updates to the gameplay.  Some enemies attack directly.  Some appear from nowhere, separate from the rest of the attacking army.  Some require more than one shot, or require you to destroy their shield before you can kill them.  Some disappear at random only to reappear somewhere else.  And when the enemy hits the castle wall (your last defense), they take a second to climb up it - giving you a last ditch effort at thwarting their takeover.  It keeps you busy.

To help you out, there are power-ups.  From the Japanese flyer I found online, it seems like there are at least six diff kinds of power-ups - yet I don't know what they all do.  I know some help you shoot faster and another freezes time, but that's about the extent of my knowledge.  There's also a timer that appears when you are powered-up, counting down the seconds until you lose that power.

Each level also has bosses.  They are rude and difficult and it's terribly hard to avoid their firepower, so good luck.

Of course, like many games, one of the main factors that make Battlantis compelling is that it is difficult.  Not so difficult to be disheartening, just enough to let you advance a little and then scoff at your next efforts.  Thus, despite its derivative concept and mediocre graphics, Battlantis keeps you coming back with srpy gameplay and a balanced but high degree of difficulty.

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  1. Just found this blog from Haze's recommendation - it's great stuff, keep it up :)