Thursday, August 2, 2012

Game of the Day - Armed Police Batrider

Another candidate for the best game names Hall of Fame, APB is a modern shooter with graphics and a bullet count you expect from a vertical shooter that was born in the late 90s.

One thing I like about the graphics is their fun factor.  They aren't the most beautiful or detailed, but you are flying over a city with tons of cars, trucks, billboards and other crap - ALL of which you can blow up.  The sights to be seen are plentiful and fun  - especially since you can shoot most of them. 

The game starts with a series of choices.  And there is a myriad of things to choose from: levels, difficulty, ships and characters.  There may be more choices in this game before you start than any other arcade game I know of.  Of course, the beauty is that if you don't want to choose, you can just take the default settings of "normal" and the default team of ships and you're off!!

The controls are easy and a little sparse.  Along with the joystick you have two buttons, fire and bomb.  There is also the requisite charge shot - which in this case I call an "anti-charge" shot since the way you use it is by laying off the fire button until the shot is fully charged... then press fire and bam!  The charge shot is mainly a bigger, stationary blast from your satellite pods.

There are things to collect (although they can be hard to see).  Power-ups and bomb build-ups come frequently.  You simply collect the bomb pieces and they show on the bottom left of your screen.  Collect enough and you are awarded a new bomb to deploy.

As is the case for most of this era of games, my only complaint is the utterly-crazy-ridiculously-overdone-batshit-zealous way the screen is filled with fire/artillery.  The enemy can lay down fire like you can't believe and it takes an extreme amount of work for you to avoid it all.  The bosses are big and powerful and cool, but still don't frighten me as much as the bullet-ridden main gameplay that looks like ants covering food at a picnic.

Armed Police Batrider is a worthy (if not perfect) contribution to the genre, I just hope you like avoiding enemy fire. 

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