Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Game of the Day - Xenophobe

Xenophobe is a cartoon masquerading as a video game.  There are 3 screens that play independently for 3 simultaneous players.  As players you are battling aliens of all types as you pad left or right - scrolling thru some sort of space station type thingy.

There are 3 buttons that you use in addition to the joystick.  They are shoot, special A and special B.  Special A & B have no specific name because what these buttons do is constantly changing.  To help you out there is always text on the screen to indicate what the buttons currently do.  It could be: "pick up", "stand up", "break free", "crouch", "drink", "push", "throw critter" and on and on and on.  There are a million actions in the game and they are context sensitive.

So, you go room by room (each is one screen wide) and then scroll onto the next room to discover what awaits you there.  Meanwhile, the other players have their own screen and are walking around independent of you and (usually) in other areas.  As a side note, there are many characters to choose from when you play.

Your weapons are as diverse as your actions.  There are a bunch of diff ones to collect including everyone's favorite, the duck gun.  There are also health power-ups and potions to garner.

Some rooms have self-destruct weapons in them, so set them and get out of Dodge.

Xenophobe is a slower playing game than many in the genre, but the wide variety of happenings and things to get make the game very intriguing for a while.

Last, and certainly not least, are the graphics.  Xenophobe looks like a full-on cartoon.  It's fun and cool-looking and witty and watching it is half the reason to play.  Play it, and try to recall another game that's even remotely similar.

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