Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Game of the Day - Spin Master

I know that when I go into battle, fighting for my life, trying to save the world, there is only one weapon I need with me to defeat the minions of evil... a yo-yo.
Spin Master is a great-looking cartoony platform game that kind of looks and plays like Metal Slug for the Saturday Morning crowd.  And it's tons of fun.

You are the hero with a great head of hair and a mean yo-yo - looking to fight all the forces of evil in all shapes and sizes - military bad guys, mobsters, evil scientists, giant crabs, mummies and more all appear within the first two levels.

Luckily, although you start out with a yo-yo as your weapon, the power-ups come fast and often.  Within the first 30 seconds, you have already graduated to arrows and then bombs.  There are many power-ups and they help a lot.  They all behave a little different (I like the arrows and the fire) so you may choose to skip some of them.
The control scheme has a little more than the avg platformer.  Along with the joystick there are three buttons - fire, jump and super attack.  The super attacks vary based on what your current weapon is.  In addition, you also have a charged shot from your normal weapon accomplished by holding down the first button while you charge up.  You can also kill the enemy by jumping on their heads and by sliding into them (down-diagonal and press a+b together).

There are scenes on top of moving planes and scenes in mine carts (a la Indy Jones).  The variety is great, the graphics are eye-popping and the action is fast - what's not to like?

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  1. Great review as usual!

    My son really likes this game... it's one of the few that he's played all the way through.

    I agree the colors are great, and I like the cartoon feel.