Sunday, July 8, 2012

Game of the Day - Ninja Emaki

Ninja Emaki is a combo Omni/Vert Shooter with lots of options for your secondary weapon.

You are some sort of weaponized ninja tyke shooting arrows and other projectiles with your primary button.  When you come upon a power-up (it looks like a telescope - and is called magic), the bottom of the screen changes into your magic options.  You use your second button to shuttle between the choices - and there are many.  Your primary button still is used for all the shooting, but now, during your magic time, you shoot your normal shot and whatever magic shot/power you have selected.  You can always select another type of magic at any time (and this matters strategically based on what you are fighting).  The magic only lasts 20 seconds, and then it's back to your normal shot only.
I called Ninja Emaki an Omni/Vert shooter because you can move around and face and shoot in any of the 8 directions that your joystick moves.  So your are constantly moving, turning, and firing in all directions.  However, the screen generally scrolls down as you fly up - so it feels like a typical vert shooter despite your freedom of movement.

In the first level you are in the clouds (not my favorite), then you are on the ground and have to run around and into buildings.  When you finish, you run into the last building and enter some dark, non-descript, freaky world.  Your movement is free-form and unabated and the enemies are evil and unidentifiable.

The following rounds continue with variety - in fact, in the fourth round you actually get in a boat and the game becomes a pure vert shooter for a while as you can only shoot straight ahead.  The game's difficulty is average, you have a life force bar that you need to keep an eye on.  On the default setting, you get to use the life bar up and die three times before the game is over.

It's the use of all the types of magic and the onmi directional movement and firing that make the game good.  The graphics are average and so is the sound.  But once you are in the thick of it, running around everything and blasting everyone, you'll see why Ninja Emaki is today's GOTD.

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