Sunday, July 1, 2012

Game of the Day - Motos

You haven't played a game like Motos.  It is a unique bumper-cars sort of game that had me literally laughing out loud (LLOL??).  Play it and you'll be entranced, compelled by the physics and controls that are unlike other games you have played.

You simply use the joystick to smash-bang into the enemies - your goal being to knock them off the playfield.  You bounce off them and they bounce off you.  How much you and they careen depends on the enemy.  Some are easy, some are tough.  You have to maneuver around your enemy as you are playing because your bouncing off can leave you in precarious positions.  You learn how and where to bang into the enemy for maximum chance to knock them off while minimizing your own peril.  If you get knocked off, you die (you get 3 lives by default).

There are also power-ups of two kinds and they work a little strangely.  Power and Jump.  If you collect the "power" power-up you don't use it immediately.  A little "P" appears on the bottom left of the screen.  You can collect multiple of them but, again, they aren't actually available for use until the next round or until you die.  When that time comes (the beginning of a new round or life), you are give the choice of using your power-ups or not.  You can use one "P" or some or none or all of them that you have collected.  More Ps activated give you more power, but you lose all that power at the start of the next round/life - so, if you save some of your Ps, you'll have them to use in future rounds.  You just have to decide whether or not it's more important to max out your banging power or save some for the future.

The other power-up is jump.  Unlike the Ps, you don't use multiple jump power-ups, you simply either use one or not.  Using one gives you the ability to jump until the next time you die or the next round (you jump by using the button).  Jumping means a couple of things to you... It can get you out of trouble (jumping over the opponent when you are near the edge), and it can get you to areas of the playfield that are islands (impossible to reach without jumping).  The jump also does a third thing... When you land, the ground (tile) below you cracks.  Do it again on the same tile and it breaks and becomes open space.  This open space is now just like the edge of the playfield - you can knock the enemy in there and he falls and dies, but the same goes for yourself.

There are other obstacles that come into play including many things you can knock off the playfield for bonus points if you aren't too busy fighting the enemy.  Another added element is that if you take too long on a level, shooting stars start taking pot shots at the playfield causing more tiles to break and thus opening more holes to fall through (for you and the enemy).

The playfields and enemies vary widely (and wildly) and are a significant part of the fun.  There are playfields with holes to avoid and islands to jump to.  There are enemies you can knock off easily and some that you can barely move at all that you have to lull/bait near the edge and then quickly run around them to knock them off.

It's a ridiculously cool concept that is easy to learn and tons of fun, but also very challenging.  Give it a whirl/bang.

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