Friday, July 20, 2012

Game of the Day - Last Resort

So speaking of horz shooters (my last post was the "Best of GOTD" for them), Last Resort is a slick, good-looking one with lots of action.

You fly your ship among city-scapes and other backgrounds fighting metallic enemies of varying types - including a boss or two that looks suspiciously like the "Terminator".

The controls are fairly straight-forward.  You start by shooting everything is sight - and I do mean everything.  One of the great details I appreciate about the game is you can shoot the cars on the road below you.  And, when you shoot the enemy ships, the pilots bail out and jump/fall to the ground.  Little details like these separate a good game from a great one.  But back to the controls... There are the typical power-ups (lasers, missiles, speed, etc), but the most important one is a satellite/pod you gain pretty quickly into the game.  The pod moves around you (as is usual in these games), countering your joystick moves and rotating in the appropriate manner.  But, if you like where the pod is, and the angle it's shooting at, you can press the "B" button to lock it in place.  Then, wherever you move your ship, the pod stays locked in its current position.  You can then release it to begin orbiting your ship by pressing the "B" button again.  Finally, you can fire the pod at anything to attack it by pressing and holding the "A" button (normally the fire button) - this charged shot comes in especially handy against the bosses.
The graphics sparkle.  The backgrounds and city-scapes look nice.  The enemies are intricate machines that blow apart in detail.  Your weaponry is detailed and fun to watch.  If I had a complaint, it would be that as the game goes on, there isn't a huge variety in the look of the enemy ships - I guess I just like it when games change more radically from one level to the next.  But, the opposite viewpoint would point out that they chose a graphical theme and stuck with it - and it looks great.

Not a lot new here, just a familiar game type executed well.

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  1. doesn't get mentioned much, but yeah, I think this is one of the best looking games on the Neo, dark and moody, seems to get overlooked a lot because it was one of the earlier titles tho.