Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Game of the Day - Funky Jet

Funky Jet is a terribly named one-screen-at-a-time fighting game that is simple and fun.  You are a goofy looking character wearing boxing gloves, a jetpack and a dumbass smile.  You use the jetpack to fly around each screen (filled with platforms and impediments) beating up cartoonish bad guys of all types.

You only have two buttons to go along with the joystick, punch and spin.  The spin actually grabs any adjacent enemy and spins him to the other side of you.  The purpose of doing this is to try to line up several enemies and use your punch to knock them down like dominoes.  This domino effect scores extra points.

Mostly though, you just fly around bobbing and weaving and punching everything in sight.  The enemies come in all shapes and sizes including bosses that take a while to beat to full pulp.

There are power-ups, of course... some of them are: life force (you have a life bar that it adds some to), 1up (addl life), speed, punching power, time freeze and one other... Attack Jet Almighty.  This is achieved by collecting five power-ups that look like a jetpack.  Get all five and for a few moments you get to fly around invincible with your arms spinning, taking out everything within reach.

The game is simple, goofy and fun.  The stages are short and every few stages, you switch scenery and enemy types.  Crank it up and have some quick fun.

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