Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Game of the Day - Blast Off

There's not tons to say about Blast Off.  It's a simple mid-school vertical shooter with just a couple of unique twists.  But, if you are looking for something new in the genre to occupy some time, Blast Off is a lot of fun.

Along with the joystick you have two buttons: fire and change weapon.  You have four choices of weapon right from the outset.  All of them are normal firepower, the difference is the direction and the way they travel.  One shoots straight ahead and behind.  Another shoots two squiggly shots ahead (although they can be frustrating if they miss something right in front of you).  A third weapon angles out left and right.  The last shoots sideways and forward.

The enemies come in waves and you have to be especially careful about them curling back and getting you from behind.  Bastards.  There are also enemy bombs that once you hit them with your fire, they explode into many more bombs emanating in a circle away from the original blast.

One twist they added was that certain levels zoom in.  Your ship is ginormous and so are the enemy ships and all the artillery.  It's a nice little feature although it makes the gameplay very claustrophobic - since everything is blown up, there's only so much room to maneuver around.

There are typical things like bosses and asteroids and differing stages, but you get the picture.  The graphics are typical space graphics for the era (late 80s).

As I wrote, not a lot of new stuff here, but the weapons changes and fast play make Blast Off a nice diversion from the games you've destroyed 1000 times.

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