Friday, July 27, 2012

Best of the GOTDs - Omni Shooters

Continuing the theme of ferreting out the best of the tons of the Games of the Day (links to other "Best of" lists are in the right column), here are the best 6 GOTDs that are Omni Shooters - games nice enough to allow you to shoot in all damn directions.  Remember, for them to appear here, they first had to be a GOTD, so you can just click the title to go to that game's GOTD post.


  1. smash tv didn't make the list?

  2. To the commenter above:

    I tried to make it clear in the paragraph at the top; to qualify for this list, the game has to have already appeared as a Game of the Day on my blog. Smash TV is a great game, but has not been a GOTD and for that matter won't ever be. I try to choose obscure and lesser-known games for Games of the Day, Smash TV is much to popular and well-known for me to choose it. All the games on the list above have been GOTDs here on my blog.