Tuesday, June 12, 2012

GOTD Hall of Fame - Graphics

This is the Hall of Fame for Games of the Day with Outstanding OR Unique OR Exceptionally Interesting graphics.  So, for a game to make it here, it either has to be beautiful and unique, or the graphics have to add so much to the game as to be a significant part of the enjoyment in the game.  Therefore, there are some non-modern games that made it because of their look being so special that the visuals became the most memorable part of playing (even though they may not be beautiful).  Admittedly, most of the games are modern ones that got here on sheer eye candy power.  To remind you, all these games had to be GOTDs already, so you won't see Tempest or Metal Slug here (although deserving) - they are too popular and will never be a GOTD.  That's a pic of Boogie Wings on the upper right.

Here they are, in no particular order...

 1. Strike Force
Colorful, Cartoony follow-up to Defender
 2. Boogie Wings
Awesome Steampunk horz shooter - tons of cool looking stuff flying around
 3. Out Zone
Sharp looking outer space omni-shooter
 4. Prehistoric Isle 2
Flying dinosaurs and great backgrounds
 5. Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters
Cartoon style isometric-view blasting 
 6. Tengai
My favorite beautiful horz shooter
 7. Biomechanical Toy
Platformer that looks like Alice in Wonderland on crack
 8. Mazinger Z
Sumptuous modern vert shooter
 9. Gunbarich
Weird, awesome looking update of Breakout/
10. The Punisher
Sharp graphics make this comic book beat-'em-up awesome
11. Dragon Blaze
Beautiful dragon-based vert shooter
12. ESP Ra De
Another great vert shooter - super-cool bombs
13. Viewpoint
Unique looking Zaxxon-view horz shooter
14. Mille Miglia 2
Nice old-timey car graphics make this driving game special.
15. Osman
Another simple platform/beat-'em-up with especially colorful graphics
16. Us v Them
Totally goofy Laser-disc space shooter with cool backgrounds
17. Darius 2
Three monitors wide in the arcades - makes for some very sharp (and small) mame graphics
18. Charlie Ninja
Like playing a Saturday Morning cartoon (platformer/shooter)
19. Gunbird 2
Maybe my favorite graphics in a vert shooter
20. Gunforce 2
An action oriented cousin to Metal Slug with unbelievable graphics
21. Cyvern
An even better dragon vert shooter than the above Dragon Blaze????
22. Explosive Breaker
2nd gen vert space shooter that combines several diff type of looks
23. Viper Phase 1
Another modern vert shooter - with extremely detailed graphics
24. Total Carnage
Newer offspring of Smash TV with great cartoon-like colorful graphics
25. Gunlock
Vert shooter with unique guided missiles - nice cross-hair/aiming visuals
26. Caliber 50
Best of the omni-military-Merc/Ikari shooters.  Super sharp and fun military graphics.
27. Dimahoo
Just another (yawn) 8ing/Raizing vert shooting classic
28. Terminator 2
Great homage to the movie.  Cross-hair gun-type (trackball) shooter that looks awesome.
29. Pulstar
Super sharp and imaginative modern horz shooter
30. Blaster
Old-school 3D space shooter - great early Wms effort, graphics add a lot.
31. Sol Divide
Modern medieval-looking and unique horz shooter with some incredible monsters and other visuals.
32. Salamander 2
Creepiest-coolest bio gooey alive horz shooter environment you'll ever see.
33. Tecmo World Cup Millennium
The socceriest-looking soccer game in a genre flooded with entries.
34. I, Robot
The first (I think) real 3D filled polygon game - mesmerizing and unique.
35. Laser Ghost
Awesome Gun/cross-hair/trackball shooter with a Ghostbuster-esque feel.

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