Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Game of the Day - Robby Roto

If Dig Dug had a one-night stand with Ms. Pac-Man and they had a baby that grew up on the streets, it would be Robby Roto. Robby Roto is a totally weird, borderline ugly, yet ultimately compelling maze/rescue game that has to be played to be believed.

You are there to rescue the sad faces (make them happy). You do this by digging/moving around the maze to their location. On the playfield, you can move freely where it's open, dig slowly where it is solid blue, and not pass through (nor dig) where it is speckled blue. The playfield is very loose and looks scribbled. Sometimes it can be hard to tell where to go.

If you reach a sad face, it releases and follows you. You have to then navigate to the exit to save the face (save face, get it?). Meanwhile, bad crap is following you around and if it touches you or the faces you are rescuing, it's curtains. By the way, on each level you have to retrieve a key in order to open and then use the exit.

Along with a 4-way joystick, you also have a button for use. It's to deploy your magic. You get one magic use per round and if you don't use it, it carries over to the next round. The magic button freezes the enemy and makes you invisible to them for a few seconds. Handy, indeed.  By the way, since the joystick is 4-way, it can be a little sloppy playing with an 8-way.  Hopefully, you can switch back an forth between 4 and 8-way - if not, you should check out some of the nice joysticks on the market that can do this easily.

There are big rewards for better game play. Your bonuses and rewards for rescuing two or three faces at the same time are substantial. You get a bonus multiplier and the next stage is also worth more. So, rescue as many as you can together - but watch out, since they follow you around until you exit, the more there are following you, the easier it is for the baddies to get them.

It's weird, ugly and freaky. But I have a lot of fun playing it.

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  1. Random trivia, this was also one of the first games Mamedev were actually given full legal rights to distribute on the official website.