Monday, June 11, 2012

Game of the Day - Battle Circuit

Battle Circuit is a fun/goofy space based side-scrolling Beat-'em-Up.  The funny graphics and nice gameplay make the game a standout among a genre in which many games look & play the same.  To me, the one great thing that Battle Circuit has going for it is that you can do MANY special fighting moves.

You control the action with only two buttons... Hit and Jump.  But, as is common in VERSUS style fighters (SFII, Mortal Kombat, etc), there are many secret/special moves that can be accomplished based on your positioning, your movement of the joystick in combo with the buttons, and the diff combos in pressing and holding the buttons.  After playing for a while, there are many things I have done that I have only seen once or twice and have not been able to figure out how I did them.
To make some special moves easier, there is a coin/purchasing system for special moves and upgrades.  As you fight, you collect coins that tally at the top of the screen near your health gauge.  Once you complete a round, you go to a screen where you get to purchase special moves.  It shows you the price, how to do it, and what it looks like when you do. Don't be pokey, though, there is a time limit for purchasing.

There are also upgrades that are on the ground all over, and others that appear when you break/hit the ubiquitous inanimate objects.  Bombs, food for health, and other items abound - make sure to pick them up quickly, except for the food that you should leave until your health gauge needs it.

There are many characters to choose from and the programmers have done a nice job differentiating their skills from one another.  Their basic strike, throws, jumps and special moves all look and play differently.  Every character has a power move that is invoked by jumping in the air and then pressing a+b together.  These moves come in handy often. BTW, my favorite character is the chick riding the ostrich.  It pecks at everyone and is a nice ode to Joust.

You get to beat up lots of crap and are subjected to (too much) silly storytelling.  As I've said before, I'm too impatient for the inane conversations the characters have - just get on with the fighting!!!  Luckily, you can hit the buttons to speed past the dialogue.

It's good walk-around fighting fun, and the special moves keep it from wearing out as fast as some other games like it.

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  1. Love this game Zach, other than Sengoku 3 probably my favorite beat em up