Friday, June 8, 2012

Game of the Day - Aurail

I apologize in advance for your aggravation, Aurail - a combo vert/omni shooter - is hard as crap.  It's a tank-based shooter (futuristic) where you can shoot in any direction (that you face) and have a couple of important power-ups to collect.

One important thing to mention here - Aurail is actually two diff types of games that alternate.  The first is the aforementioned vert/omni shooter and the second is a first-person tunnel shooter.

First I'll describe the first stage/game type...

There are three buttons in addition to the joystick:  Fire, Shield and Drone.  You always fire in the direction your tank if facing when you are moving - HOWEVER, if you hold the fire button down, then you can shoot in any direction by pointing the joystick that way (kind of half-baked-Robotron style) - keep in mind, that when using this method, your tank is not moving and is therefore a sitting duck.

You have to push the 2nd button to deploy the shield.  You start with a shield strength of zero and each time you have the enough power in your gauge and push the shield button it increases by one.  So, if you have a shield strength of 3, you can take 3 hits before dying.  However, you have to have a certain amount of power collected (you see it in the gauge on the left) to be able to deploy another shield.  If you don't have enough, keep collecting the floating "P"s to add to your power gauge and thus build up your shield.  The other button is for deploying your drone.  When you get the "D" power-up you get a drone circling you.  Push the button and the drone flies off to attack the enemy, take some effective shots, and then returns to orbit you again until the next time you deploy it.  Like the shields, the drone deployments are finite.

The game looks great as all kinds of mech-based crap comes your way and blasts you with regular fire and also with guided missiles that are SLLLLOOOWWW but track you relentlessly.

After you beat the stage and the inevitable boss, the 2nd stage looks and plays completely differently.

You are looking out of your tank first-person style shooting at things coming at you.  In this case, there is no drone and in fact the button instead reverses your direction.  In this type of level things come at you in the tunnel from both in front and in back.  So, you blast the stuff you see in front of you and avoid getting hit, then you hit the button to switch directions and you blast everything on that side.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

I like the first stage/game much better than the second, but it's a great game all around.  And to reiterate what I wrote at the beginning, the game is unrelenting in its attacks.  And that combined with the fact that you are reset to a check point (rather than right where you died) each time you die makes it very hard to get past some difficult areas.  Just don't whip anything at my head when you croak.

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