Saturday, May 5, 2012

Let the Bullets Fly

If you've read my post on the Xbox Wireless Controller for Windows, you know how much I like having this controller available to play some games in MAME.  It'll never replace regular arcade controls, but it's a fun alternative and particularly great for certain games - especially dual joystick games (try it with Title Fight, Robotron 2084, Black Widow and others - as well as shmups and "versus" fighting games).

These folks will customize an Xbox controller (a new one or one you send them) by placing actual bullets in place of the buttons and a shotgun shell for the D-Pad..  It looks pretty sweet although I haven't seen one in person.  Pretty cool idea....

Also, there is also a seller on Ebay who sells DIY button replacement kits ($20) that use bullets inserted with colored LEDs.  Looks really cool.

Yeah, the shit's expensive, but cool-ass crap often is - and it must take a little time to assemble the thing.  Finally, there's a seller on Etsy doing a similar thing (but only the buttons, not the D-Pad) and it's a little cheaper...

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