Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How many ships can you name?

I'm making myself a custom T-shirt with some old-school shooter protagonists.  Of course, my t-shirt has all the names on it identifying all the ships/games - but I removed the names for this quiz.  Let's see if someone can be the first to comment who can name them all...  Frankly, if you can name 12 you're pretty studly.  I'm not gonna publish any of the comments for a couple of days so as to not ruin the quiz for others.

Update:  The answers are here... ANSWERS


  1. Nice T-Shirt! :-)

    My Guess:
    Unknow space firebird
    galaxian phoenix pleiads
    the end Unknow Unknow mad planets
    Unknow Uniwar s gorf galaga Unknow

    Notable missing ships:
    sinistar, space invaders, juno fist, pisces, moon cresta, gyruss

    Bye, eldiau.

  2. All but one have been figured out on the various forums (byoac, klov) - I'll post the names later this afternoon.