Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Game of the Day - Tenkomori Shooting

You have never played a game like this (unless you've played this game).  Tenkomori Shooting is a vignette-based shmup mash-up that gives you classic shmup action in 30 second bites.  And it does so with wide variety as it throws in every kind of stage you can imagine including the kitchen sink.  Another way to describe it is to say it is simply a shmup made up of dozens of different mini-shmups.
You choose your level (easy, norm, hard) and go to a tower to rescue your monkey brother (you are also a monkey).  But none of that means anything, it's just a mechanism to introduce stages/levels into the game.  Each tower floor is simply a group of mini-games you have to win to climb to the next floor of the tower.

You get a wide selection of scenarios to play for your first stage (which is easy regardless of the difficulty you chose).  Then you have a timed, goal-oriented stage in which to shoot a certain number of enemies (or the like) in order to advance.  It's a lot like the gun games Point Blank or Police Trainer, but instead of battling the stages with a light gun, you are playing shoot-'em-up stuff.
Here's where the game excels - the ridiculous number and variety of mini-games/stages you play.  Most are about blasting X number of enemies, but some (called "Aim" stages) are about blasting what you need with a finite number of shots.  Here are just a few:

 1.  Helicopter battles where you have to kill X enemies (depending on difficulty).
 2.  Dig Dug battles where you have to blast and pop X number as they fall from the sky.
 3.  Giant Space Ship battles where you have to hit it X times (more than 250 hits in 30 seconds)
 4.  Sushi on a conveyor belt where you have to hit the right thing with a small number of shots.
 5.  Micro-organism level where you have to split them (a la Asteroids) X number of times.
 6.  Grenade throwing levels where you have to bring down a bldg in short time.
 7.  Quasi-Missile Command level where you have to take out multiple enemies with each missile you fire.
 8.  Lots of air and tank shmups.
 9.  Actual Galaga challenging stages where you have to hit a preset number.
10.  A volcano level where you increase your spewing by rapidly moving the js in a circle.

Galaga, Dig Dug and others are here because this is a Namco game.

I can't even begin to tell you how many diff stages I've seen.  Keep in mind that on each level you only get a small portion of the games to choose from - so it's gonna be a while before you see them all.  But you always get to make some choice of what you are playing, adding to the variety of gameplay.  And as continue to win, the difficulty get harder (your goals increase and your time decreases). 

It's just a great idea of game for an ADHD, short-attention span gamer like me.

After each stage you win, you get completion points as well as bonus points for leftover time and success rate.   The bonus obviously varies based on what kind of level you played.

Eventually, if you beat all the stages, you climb the tower and the game is over (or you can go to the next tower).

The difficulty level can be challenging.  While you choose the difficulty at the start, as you keep playing, you play successively harder stages.  Some take almost flawless play to complete in time.

The monkey story background is worthless, but at least you can skip the little story interludes.

If you like shmups, you have to try it.

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  1. Wow, that looks really cool! it looks kind of like the WarioWare mini-games. Thanks for the tip, I'll try this one this weekend!