Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Game of the Day - Racing Hero

Racing Hero is another Motorcycle game with great graphics and tight driving gameplay.
You start off behind a group of other cycles and cars and zoom off to race.  You have the traditional controls of steering, acceleration and braking (no gears here).  As is expected with a motorcycle game, all the curves are gobbled up with leans rather than turns and is thus smoother than other racing games.

In fact, the steering goals and objectives are some of what makes Racing Hero a better, more unique game than some others.  More of the game is about avoiding traffic than it is about hitting curves just right.  I don't like a lot of racing games because they seem to be about standing on the accelerator until you get to the sharp curves and then learning when to turn/bank/brake/downshift to make it through the curve - meanwhile, you avoid a few competitor's cars here and there.  In Racing Hero, the game is much more about avoiding the other traffic.  There are cars, trucks (little and big), motorcycles and other crap all over.  You spend much more time steering and tweaking your position in this game while still making sure you stay on/make it around the track.  Thus, it feels much more like a game to me than other racers.

After you complete the second stage, you get to choose which course you continue on.  The courses and scenery are greatly varied and have super-nice graphics and animation.  The other traffic also looks good and animates well and you really feel like you are zooming in and out by the skin of your teeth.

The main goal is to finish each stage in the allotted time.  There is an indicator bar on the right to see how far to the checkpoint you are - but there is no map, so you don't know what's upcoming.  Beating the time can be hairy if you crash.  There are several degrees of crashing... One just slows you down a little, one stops you momentarily and you start back up soon, one is a full-on boom and explosion and it takes you a little while to back up-and-at-'em.  If you have a full on "boom", no way you are completing the stage in time.  In fact, you pretty much have to drive flawlessly or have JUST ONE of the lesser crashes to finish in time.

By the way, the arcade game came with a steering wheel, but you can play the MAME version successfully with any replacement: a joystick, spinner/dial or this fancy/schmancy new steering wheel all do well.

On a small side point, in the MAME setup there is a "suicide" button (blow yourself up) and a button that centers your cycle immediately no matter where on the road it is (Einstein wouldn't be happy).

The scoring is weird and in the gazillions, but who cares?  You are only driving to see how far you can get (there are many stages).

RH has great graphics, a great driving feel and seems more like a game than other racers - I highly recommend you take it for a spin.

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