Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Game of the Day - MagMax

MagMax is a very cool old-school horz shooter with a couple of tricks to keep you interested.

It starts as, a quasi-3D (2.87D?) horz shooter where you glide along the ground shooting the enemies and avoiding other things you can't blast.  From time to time, you come across holes (gophers?) that you can drop down into that take you to a completely diff underground world - where you lose the quasi-3D and go more for traditional horz shooter action.  You are then presented with many opportunities to use holes in the ceiling to go back up and continue the fight above.  There seems to be many diff ways and places to go up and down OR, you can just stay up or down the whole time.  All this adds a lot to the replay value.

The second hook is the weapons upgrade system.  You are some sort of mech-robot, and you can collect parts (torso, legs, arm-ament, etc) to add to your body and increase your firepower (and speed, etc).  One of the cool aspects of this is that the various parts must fit together correctly.  In many cases, if you didn't pick up one upgrade earlier, you can't add certain upgrades later.  (You can't have legs without a torso, now can you?)  Another important point is that these extra parts act like shields.  When you get hit by enemy fire while upgraded, you never die, you simply lose one of the upgrades, so get as many as you can.

There are some nice graphics (for its time) and you get to see quite a variety of crud to smoke.  I haven't progressed very far, so on the left is a pic of several levels I grifted right from the flyer for the game.

Keep in mind, the game is simple.  Just a joystick and a fire button.  The fun here, like most old-school games, is in the well-programmed gameplay.

I found the piece of history below on the MagMax flyer - pretty interesting stuff...

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  1. Wow, that's a blast from the past! I totally forgot about this game! Never knew the name, either, just played it in an arcade a couple times.

    Fun! Thanks!