Thursday, May 17, 2012

Game of the Day - GP Rider

Sometimes, all you can say about a game is that it's just plain fun,

Thanks to the new awesome steering wheel, I've been playing more racing games.  GP Rider is the motorcycle game I enjoy the most.  There aren't a lot of details to cover or controls to describe, but the feel and sensation of the race and the lean are far beyond most motorcycle games of the era.

You choose auto or manual transmission and race a bunch of other dudes around a nicely laid out track.  Enough straightaways to enjoy the speed and curves to challenge you.  The motorcycle (your avatar) is bigger in this game than most others.  And more importantly, the feel of the lean and the curves is done extremely well.  The sensation of the speed from this perspective just seems to be a notch better than most racing games of the time.

The screen is nice - the track map on the right shows your position and the position of the leader (not me!) and the bottom left shows you what gear you are in (6 gears, not just high and low like many games).

A couple of things I've learned from playing a handful of times are: 1) It takes a lot to crash but, 2) You still have to steer well to manage to keep on the road and at top speed and 3) you can gain an advantage in your time with manual trans.

Like most games, you are competing in a race that is a certain number of laps (4 to start), however, if you don't get to certain checkpoints in a preset amount of time, the game is over (even on the first lap).  Points are unique and stingy - the last two games I score 4 and 8 pts!!  I think you get pts based on your position at the end of each lap.

As I said, not a lot of detail, just a well-oiled piece of software to make it seem like you are more studly than you really are.

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