Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Game of the Day - Galactic Storm

Galactic Storm (not to be confused with Avengers in Galactic Storm - a great fighting game) is a classic view space shooter with ridiculously good graphics and fun explosions.

The gameplay is simple.  You fly your ship (3rd person from behind) with a joystick and have two types of weapons to deploy.  Gunfire and "D" weapon.  I assume the "D" stands for "devastating" as it is the equivalent of the typical bomb.

You shoot your heart out with your main weapon and keep your "D" weapon for when overwhelmed or facing some bigger enemy.  They are limited and the number remaining appears on the type right corner of the screen.

On the top left corner of the screen is your shield indicator.  It is a curved bar showing how much shield you have remaining.  When it is empty - ruh-roh.  In all the confusion, you get to know when your shield is diminished because there is a visual electric net/charge looking thing that happens when you are hit.

In the arcades, this game had an analog stick.  Because of some fine MAME programming, the game is very playable with an 8-way (digital) js - and even better with a trackball!  You can also use the analog sticks on an Xbox type controller or a Flightstick.  All these methods work well and you don't miss anything in the input translation.  I enjoyed both the 8-way and the trackball.

The fun here is in the gameplay.  There are great graphics in wide variety all over the screen.  You are attacked by mechs, spaceships, sandworms, flying astronauts and unusual objects of all types.  The size and difficulty of the enemies also varies a lot.  The backgrounds you fly around and thru are tight metal-like canyons, wide-open space, riverbeds and colorful planetscapes.  It's all a feast for the eyes.

The game is balanced and fun.  You get a great sensation of speed and flying and blasting.

It's certainly possible you won't like Galactic Storm, but it's also possible you are a lifeless zombie.

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