Sunday, April 15, 2012

MAME search info from Google Trends

If you go to Google Trends, you can track the history of any search term for the past 9 years.  If you search "MAME Arcade" (adding in "arcade" so you don't get any Ethel Merman or Lucille Ball results) you get the following info/chart.  "100" on the right of the chart represents the max searches at any point in time (Google won't tell you how many, they'll just compare the numbers relative to one another).  As you can see, there has been a steady decline and it is now under 20 -  meaning in 2012 there are less than one-fifth of the searches done as compared to the number done in 2004.  Is it because everyone knows and has bookmarked where to find MAME (so no need to search)?  Is it because there are less newcomers?  Is it because there is just less interest overall?  Who knows, but any way you slice it, it probably means there are less folks MAMEing away.  There are also some additional charts below this first one...

Below is the relative number of searches by Country.  So Chile is the most popular place for "MAME Arcade" Google searches.  For every 100 searches for "MAME Arcade" in Chile, there are only 63 in the USA.
 Below is a graphical representation of the Country data above.

 Finally, here is the search by city breakdown.  Santiago is the most popular place for "MAME Arcade" Google searches on Earth.  The number one US city is Los Angeles.


  1. I guess there are significantly less newcomers as younger people are getting too young for having been in an arcade...


  2. Wow, I never realized that it peaked several years ago. Looks like after the new xbox and ps3 released, interest really dropped.

  3. Yeah, it's been in steady decline for a while, to be expected really.

    At first not much was emulated so everybody was searching for MAME, waiting for updates, wanting to see if their favourite game had been emulated.

    As more games got emulated people played them, and either discovered they weren't as great as they remembered, or were happy with the experience, they had what they wanted and their interest in the project dropped off.

    MAME has failed to have any impact when it comes to emulation of 3D systems, struggling for performance with even original Playstation based hardware, people have picked up on this too, and aren't bothering to check if newer systems are emulated simply because they know / expect the performance to be dire.

    The real negative side of this, as I've mentioned on my site before, is the lack of new developers, when you only have a smaller pool of people paying attention to the project you only have a small number of potential developers.