Friday, April 27, 2012

GOTD Hall of Fame - Rage Inducing Games

Call it code-rage or mode-rage.  Or just call the games bitch-hard.  These are the games I've loved enough to make GOTDs BUT are extremely difficult to get through.  Maybe it's because I'm not so talented, maybe it's because the coding was lazy and enemies come at you too fast (and from nowhere), maybe it's because they wanted the game to be extra challenging - any way you slice it, these are the games that give me carpal-tunnel, bruises on my hands and Popeye forearms (that part's cool).

I recognize I'm not the greatest player and that different players do well on different games.  So, you might do very well at these.  In fact, if you are able to get through the first stage/level on any of these games the first time you play one, post your score and stage in the comment section below so I can immortalize your accomplishment.  In no particular order, here are the rage inducing GOTDs...

Keep in mind that to be on this list the game must have already been posted here as a "Game of the Day".  For those of you new to the blog, GOTDs are arcade games that are lesser-known and more obscure that I have discovered and enjoyed thoroughly.  My goal is to hopefully help gamers find a new game or two that they were not familiar with that they can enjoy.  You won't ever see Donkey Kong or Tempest be a game of the day, they are too well known and popular and it would be stupid for me to write about them.  GOTDs are the diamonds-in-the-rough of the arcade world.

 1. Ninja Spirit
Platform action with enemy ninjas constantly on your ass.  

 2. Legend of Hero Tonma
Cool cutesy Platformer - enemies keep coming until you finish the level.

 3. Chopper I
Vert shooter - Insanely difficult boss to kill without full power-ups

 4. J J Squawkers
Another cutesy platformer that's impossible to get by until you play several times.

 5. Double Wings
Vert shooter - when you are re-spawned you lose progress.  Makes bosses tough.

 6. Wonder Planet
@@$%^$$!  Vert cute-'em-up. (Kinda Flintsontes-esque).

 7. Pulstar
Beautiful but difficult modern horz shooter.

 8. Battle Chopper
Interesting and different horz shooter that can be frustrating.

 9. Saturn
Old school shoot-'em-up madness.

10. Galmedes
Mid-School era vert shooter with a swarm of enemies.

11. Mission 660
Old/Mid school vert shooter with redonkulous bosses and jittery enemies.

12. Ark Area
Mid-School Omni Shooter with unique control and impossible enemies.

13. Noboranka
Completely weird Vert Cute-'em-up in a tree.  Harder than shit.

14. Pistol Daimyo no Bouken
Crazy and difficult Japanese cartoony horz shooter.

Special Mention - Easy levels but Difficult Bosses**

 1. Diver Boy
Interesting puzzle type game.  Game is easy EXCEPT for unbelievably difficult bosses.

 2. Grid Seeker
Nice Vert Shooter with normal skill level but some impossible bosses.

I have to say that I am surprised how many of the difficult games are cutesy-looking.  Are programmers trying to fool us and lull us into a false sense of confidence by making the cute games XXX hard?  Damn them to hell.

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  1. Put Gradius 3 (Japan) as one of your games of the day and you will soon be adding it to your GOTD Hall of Fame - Rage Inducing Games