Tuesday, April 17, 2012

GOTD Hall of Fame - Must Play Games

Since there are almost 200 GOTD posts now and since there are always new folks finding the blog, thought I'd take a crack at narrowing them down to a list of the cream of the crop.  These are CURRENTLY (it's always changing) my favorite games that have been featured as one of my Games of the Day.  Remember that a game has to have already been a GOTD on this blog to make this list, that's why some other classic great games aren't on it.  Indeed, the whole point of the GOTDs is to ferret out lesser known, more obscure games that folks might enjoy.

In alpha order, here they are.  The MUST play GOTDs.  Click on any one to go to that post.

 1.  4D-Warriors
Crazy horz shooting physics.
 2.  Biomechanical Toy
Uber-cool Platormer.
 3.  Black Widow
Atari meets Vector meets Dual Joysticks.
 4.  Boogie Wings
The best looking horz shooter you've never played.
 5.  Caliber 50
My fav of the crop of similar Omni Shooters
 6.  Cybattler
Hybrid vert shooter with great action/graphics
 7.  Esp Ra De
Ridiculously cool vert shooter - just try not to enjoy it
 8.  Explosive Breaker
Great 2nd gen vert shooter with a mix of styles
 9.  Forgotten Worlds
Horz shooter with a spinner to aim - crazy action
10.  Gun Force II
Graphical feast with Metal Slugian type play
11.  Gun.Smoke
Early hybrid vert-omni shooter with unique shooting controls
12.  Gunbird 2
Spirit brother to Esp Ra De as my fav modern vert shooters
13.  Mad Planets
Old School spinner-aimed craziness.  Like updated, roided-up Asteroids.
14.  Ninja Baseball Bat Man
Side-scrolling beat-'em-up as crazy as its name.
15.  Nitro Ball
Imaginative omni-shooter with game show theme.  Spirit brother of Smash TV.
16.  Out Zone
A beautiful and difficult space-based Omni Shooter.
17.  Prehistoric Isle 2
Horz shooter with great dinosaur graphics and peoples rescues.
18.  Pulstar
Great example of modern horz shooter.  Difficult and beautiful.
19.  Salamander 2
My fav of the bio/creepy/yucky themed shooters (horz).
20.  Spiders
Overlooked weird old-school vert shooter.  Webs and eggs everywhere.
21.  Strike Force
Last in the Defender trilogy with great graphics and TONS of upgrades.
22.  Super Gem Fighter Mini-Mix
Kid versions of fighters you know with goofy graphics and fun gem upgrade system.
23.  Terminator 2
My fav of the Cross-Hair Shooters.  Use the trackball and blast everything.
24.  Tac/Scan
An inexplicable (yet awesome) old-school game.  Control a fleet with the spinner.
25.  Tengai
The horz shooter I play most often.
26.  Total Carnage
The best example of Dual Joysticks meet cartoon graphics. Blast-a-thon.
27.  Us Vs. Them
On this list for the humor.  Yet the gameplay is solid, also.
28.  Valtric
Weird but effective vert shooter.  Completely addicitve.
29.  Warlords
Combative Breakout.  Protect your castle.  Fun at parties.


  1. This is great! Thanks!

  2. This is gonna keep me busy for a looooong time! I like your new slower pace, Zach. Previously you got through 3-4 games before I had a chance to try out one. Now I don't fall behind so quickly.