Sunday, April 22, 2012

Game of the Day - Thunder Hoop

Thunder Hoop is a great playing and great looking, goofy-ass platform game.  You have the traditional shoot and jump buttons and, as is the norm, you can power-up and change your weapons often.

What sets the game apart for me is the nice (and different looking graphics) and the myriad of ways the enemies attack.  It also has a very nice level design that you need to navigate in order to go forward - critical to the fun of any platform game.

The enemies come in many alien/gobliny/strange looking varieties and they can attack from nowhere.  Many float down in waves from on top, while many others circle in formation.  Many wait for you on platforms you need to jump onto and many stand still until you are near and then take off like a rocket in your direction.  There is no rest, and you need to keep vigilant all the time.  There is no predicting what the next dude will do based on previous experience.

Luckily, you have a couple of advantages: First, you can shoot in any direction (well, any of the traditional eight directions, that is).  Second, like many of these games, you can harm your enemy by jumping on top of their head.  In fact, sometimes you'll need to do this to reach certain bonuses and power-ups that you can't reach simply by jumping from the ground.

The bottom of the screen keeps track of a few things including what your current weapon/power-up is and how many rings you have collected.  Don't know exactly what the rings are supposed to be, but when you finish a level you are rewarded with copious bonus for each of the little white/silver? rings you have grifted.

There are pipes that belch fire and moving platforms and lava pits and obstacles of all types.  And, of course, there are the requisite bosses to beat you up when you reach the end of a level.

Keep in mind that most of my pics look similar because I haven't progressed too far in the game.  Look it up on youtube and you can see some later stages that look vastly different and cool.

It is very entertaining and challenging game and is now among my favorite platformers.

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