Monday, April 9, 2012

Game of the Day - Risky Challenge

Risky Challenge is a totally obscure, I-never-heard-of, puzzle game that I just found and became completely entranced by.  Risky Challenge takes the control scheme of Tetris and turns it on its ear.  Then it adds a lot of interesting puzzles, challenges and options to make a VERY good and mind bending puzzler.

The short explanation is this:  You control falling puzzle pieces just like Tetris, rotating and dropping them where you want them, in order to construct a way for your avatar to exit the puzzle/screen.  He is plopped down in one spot and the exit is in an arbitrarily placed spot on each of the different levels.  You stack the pieces so he can walk/climb his way to the exit... BUT, there are many rules/things happening here...

1.  He can only climb one step at a time.  Although he can fall many - too many and he dies.

2.  If he hits an obstacle (usually stacks that are more than one unit high) he turns and walks the opposite direction - so you have to watch out for what's on either side of him - you can't control where he walks.  But you can build obstacles on the other side to make him switch directions again.

3.  There are bombs that fall sometimes instead of pieces - you control them with the joystick and push the button to explode them.  Use them to create holes and knock down pieces that are stacked in your way.  Keep in mind you can (and need to) explode the bomb at angles and sideways to take out interior structures.

4.  There are many enemies around the screen.  If they touch you, you die.  You can kill some enemies by dropping pieces and bombs on them, but some can't be killed, only trapped by cleverly placing pieces around them.

5.  There are treasures to collect that give you points and quasi-power-ups.

6.  On most levels, the bottom is water and you can (and will) drown if you fall into the water and can't step out.  So you need to figure out how to build bridges across.  Especially since the water level rises at time goes by.

It all adds up to one of the most compelling puzzle games I've ever played.  Amazing that I can still be discovering games of this quality.  The enemies/water/building blocks/bombs/exits make for so much thought and so many permutations, it's crazy.  You need to check out Risky Challenge.

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