Monday, April 30, 2012

Game of the Day - P-47 Aces

P-47 Aces is a cool-looking horz shooter that I'm making a GOTD despite having the one flaw I hate most in shmups, it just gets too crazy.  There are times that the screen gets so chock-full of stuff (enemies, your gunfire, enemy fire, bombs, power-ups, shrapnel, backgrounds) that it seems impossible to navigate successfully in any skill-based way.  The only option is to pray to Zelda - The Patron Saint of Video Game Survival and hold tight to your joystick (insert your own joke here).

Now that I've done my bitching, there is a good game lurking here.  And, in fact, if you are better at games than me (you probably are), you may not find the game that difficult and may be able to just enjoy the eye candy and nice weaponry.

There are two buttons that operate your plane, along with the joystick.  And while you have a choice of planes to begin with (different eras and looks and abilities), they all have the same basic premise... Button one fires BOTH air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles while button 2 invokes your bombs.

Since you can increase the power of both your air and surface missiles, you have a gauge at the bottom of the screen showing you their current strength.  You can increase their power by gathering the floating "A" (air) or floating "S" (you guessed it, surface).  Sometimes they are both floating around, sometimes one is floating and changing between the "A" and "S" - so make sure to time it right to get the help you want.

There are also "B"ombs floating around and "H" for Hyper-weaponry.  There may be more, but that's all I've seen in my pitifully short games.

The graphics are super-nice.  They are quasi-steampunk-ish and sharp and inventive.  The colors are strong and the explosions look particularly cool (they better since they blot out the sun)!  I particularly like playing the older biplane and the weapons it fires.  And the backgrounds really stand out as nice details as you fly by the countryside.

All that said, the constant enemy fire and triple-busy screen can make P-47 Aces a very difficult game.  You're gonna get toasted, but in the meantime, it's a fun blasting romp.

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