Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Blog Stays

Okay, I was wrong for thinking the better thing was to remove the blog.  All the nice notes and good suggestions I got made it clear that leaving it up (possibly with some sort of caveat that things will be slow) is the better thing to do.

So, here's the caveat...  I really enjoy creating and adding to the blog, but have much less time available than before.  So, I'll add to it when I can and hope you continue to like the content.  In fact, there is a new post just below this one.  Just the fact that I no longer feel the pressure to post daily allows me the freedom to make more posts in the future without worrying about the haphazardness of them.

I encourage you to add comments to any posts (especially) the GOTDs, so that I can get everyone's perspective.

Happy Gaming.


  1. Awesome news. This is a really nice site for discovering games I'd forgotten about or had never seen before. Lots of great screenshots and good details write ups too.

    Glad to see it'll be sticking around!

  2. Great news, welcome back! I love the site and it's a great resource to find random games that I wouldn't otherwise come across. I wouldn't be opposed to you featuring more popular games once in a while though. I for one didn't spend tooo much time in arcades, and tended to play games I was good at, so I'm now rediscovering those games (through MAME) that may be known more to others but not as much as to me. 2 games that my wife turned me onto that I hadn't spent a lot of time on are Jungle King and (gasp) Robotron. Just a thought, keep up the good (though more sporadic) work! :)

  3. Great!! I was sad when it didn't load. It still has a lot of good information even if it isn't updated often. After readying your GOTD blog, I have played a bunch of games I probably would not have found.

  4. Nice one! Glad you decided to carry on! No pressure for posts, take it easy ;-)

  5. That was the correct decision. Thanks for carrying on...we are reading and trying the games. Will try to comment more.


  6. Hey MZ - SOOO glad the blog is back!! Congratulations on an excellent decision. Thanks for a fantastic read!

    - Jumpstile

  7. Hey, Zach, welcome back, bro! You reconsider it, huh, man? This is really awesome! I was on vacation and returned yesterday. So I'd go checking the posts which I didn't have read yet and saw some extra posts on my feeds! What a good surprise!

    Thank you for real, man. You're a reference in reviews of arcade games. Remember that.