Wednesday, March 7, 2012

World's Largest Pac-Man Maze has 79,271 Levels to Conquer

This is a web project that is totally cool.  It's the world's largest Pac-Man game.  Anyone can use the tools to create a level.  You click on any level to start playing and each time you leave the screen, it scrolls to a new and completely different maze.  The programmers are very much into statistics.  As you can see (click to enlarge) they keep track of total dots eaten (2 billion+), lives lost, ghosts eaten (more than 30 million), and much more.  And when you start playing, it keeps track of your individual stats.  In addition, stats by country are tracked, so far (no surprise) the U.S. has played the most, followed by Brazil.

Play it here....,-1

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